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🔥 Elevate Your Notification System with Firebase Cloud Messaging!

Important: This product requires the latest version of the JdashboardUI library. If you haven't acquired it yet, you can get both the library and the source code at a special price through the following link: Firebase Cloud Messaging + JdashboardUI Library ✨💬

Revolutionize your notification system with the dynamic combination of Firebase Cloud Messaging and JdashboardUI! 🚀📲

🌟 Features:

  • SQLite Database: Efficiently manage your data with a built-in SQLite database.
  • Beautiful UI Design: Craft stunning interfaces to enhance the user experience.
  • Versatile Notifications: Send notifications with or without images effortlessly.
  • B4J Admin Source Code: Access the source code for B4J Admin for comprehensive control.
  • Text-Only Notifications: Keep it simple with text-only notifications.
  • Text & Images: Engage users with rich content by sending text and image notifications.
  • Create Templates: Streamline your notification creation process with customizable templates.

📚 Before implementing notifications with images in B4A, refer to the tutorial in this video: Tutorial Video

Upgrade your notification capabilities, and seamlessly integrate Firebase Cloud Messaging with JdashboardUI to deliver a superior user experience! 🌟📱

Welcome to b4xstore

Please note that all of the source codes we are selling are very advance and needs skills to be able to use them.

1- we are not responsible if you don't know how to use them
2- we are not responsible if you modified them and caused errors.
3- we are not responsible to provide any missing libraries because most of the libraries used can be found in B4X Forum
4- NO refunds allowed at any given point.
5- The Terms and Conditions Can be changed anytime with no prior notice.

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