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ExcelRouteGen: Create Routes in GPX/KML

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🌍 Elevate Your Geolocation Experience with ExcelRouteGen!

📢 Important: This extraordinary product requires the latest version of the Jdashboard UI library. If you haven't acquired it yet, you can obtain it along with the source code at a special price through this link:

🛒 Get Jdashboard UI Library and ExcelRouteGen

Embark on a geolocation journey like never before with our unique application! 🗺️✨ Crafted with the sophisticated DashboardUI Library, this app transforms coordinates into captivating stories. Import Excel files filled with locations, names, and descriptions, and witness our application seamlessly convert this data into stunning GPX or KML files.

Key Features:

  • Versatile File Generation: Create GPX or KML files tailored to your specific needs.
  • OsmAnd Integration: Generate GPX files for specific routes compatible with OsmAnd.
  • ArcGIS Compatibility: Opt for KML files to seamlessly integrate with platforms like ArcGIS.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Adjust coordinate format (UTM or decimals), hemisphere, and time zone with ease.
  • Elegant Design: Experience a modern and elegant user interface that enhances your overall interaction.

🚀 ExcelRouteGen: Where Geolocation Meets Innovation!

Explore the limitless possibilities of geolocation with ExcelRouteGen! 🌐🔗🔍

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